Townwide Prayer


Town Wide Prayer essentially consists of Christians from across Loughborough meeting together to pray for the needs of our town, the challenges and opportunities that HIS church is engaged in.  Praying isn't just bringing our requests to God, but enabling every Christian (under the banner of LCP) to hear what it is that God is saying to us about Loughborough and how we can individually and collectively respond to God's heartbeat.


We believe as Christians from across the churches in Loughborough meet together to pray in unity, there is something powerful and unique.

In order for God to manifest His power and presence in the everyday lives of Christians in Loughborough, we firmly believe that PRAYER isn't just necessary, but is of paramount importance as we ask, "Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."


We meet at various locations across the town, throughout any calendar year. In general we tend to meet in churches; however we have undertaken prayer walks and other initiatives that involve prayer on the streets. (Follow the link under "When?" for further detail.)


Town Wide prayer meetings are held approximately every 6-8 weeks, with the exception of the summer break. 

twp sept to dec 2013


Town Wide prayer is open to Christians who want to see God breakthrough in Loughborough. We encourage every Christian to not just support prayer, but to actively get involved in praying collectively for every person in every community of this town to know and experience the transforming power of the love of Jesus.